The God Inside Man

From your early education, there has been a line that resonates deeply within and that is “God Is Everywhere” and that means to you that God is inside you.
If that is true, then God is inside all. If that is true then the Unification of us all is already complete and there is not one reality of the Heaven/Earth – God/Mortal situation but billions of truths that include each God/Mortal Unification. Is that another absolute? You can see the rightness of all efforts to describe.
When you move from absoluteness, you can already see that you and the peoples of all nations can create a society, country, continent, many continents, a world and many worlds where the society can create many different realities instead of the ones you now see.
If the picture or the world is something that you do not like, Just use the TV analogy and take action to change the channel – CLICK


Reverend Mike Wanner