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Our graduates have a lot to say about their experience with International School of Coaching. View just some of the graduate testimonials below. 

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“I really enjoyed this training, especially learning that life coaching isn’t just speaking with people but there is a certain technique to help get on the same level as the client.

I learned that I can effectively observe and focus on what the client’s goals and aspirations are. The instructor was attentive and very helpful!”

“Paula did an excellent job educating me in the areas I wanted to focus on.

The class provided materials that were direct and very easy to understand. I feel confident, educated, and empowered to help others reach their goals. Thank you, Paula” 

“I am thankful for this great opportunity to become a Certified Life Coach, and the International School of Coaching gave me that opportunity. I was able to take the course in the comfort of my home which was very helpful.

The modules have so much information to benefit from. This training has given me the tools I need to succeed as a Life Coach. I want to thank Paula for giving me that chance.”

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