Life Coach Philly Presents
“The Personal Empowerment Program”
Enhance Wellness through Mind, Body and Spiritual Practices

If you are interested in a holistic approach to personal development and mind expansion, this is the program for you.

We are whole, made up of interdependent parts, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual which are closely intertwined. If you’re challenged with stress because of losing a job or have relationship issues, other areas of health may also suffer. Learn how to increase the body’s innate capacity to heal through, positive alignment, relaxation, visualization, meditation and more. You will understand how to create balance from within, live in harmony, feeling connected in a synchronized way. It is a highly effective starting point towards increased over all health and wellbeing.
~ANYONE CAN DO IT ~ well, unwell, all ages, acute/chronic pain and even wheel chair bound
~BENEFITS~ increased energy and vitality, stress reduction, less pain, balance improvement and enhanced overall wellness.

You will get introduced  and have an opportunity to work through many healing modalities such as…


Life Assessment Wheel
DailyCheck in
Value Check list
Art Therapy
Color Therapy
Feng Shui
Healing Sounds
Pranic Healing
Emotional Checklist
Understand and manage Stress
Breathing Techniques
Guided Imagery
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Law of Attraction
Qi Gong
Tai Chi Easy
Music for Healing
Raise Your Vibration
Love and Gratitude and more….

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Positive energy
Students at the Fox Chase Adult Day Care were recognized for participating in the center’s tai chi and artistic programs.
Age is only a number: On Sept. 20, participants of Fox Chase Adult Day Care’s tai chi group were recognized for their dedication to the practice. Above, Anthony Bradshaw was one of the honorees. Below, Evelyn Miller thanks presenters Paula Michele Boyle and Larry Goldstein during the event. LOGAN KRUM / TIMES PHOTO
Breathe in, breathe out. Take that energy, and realize it within yourself. By doing that, you create even more energy.
This is some advice dispensed during a typical tai chi class, which can get physically and mentally demanding. That doesn’t stop Northeast Philadelphia residents aged 60 or older from participating, though.
Participants at Fox Chase Adult Day Care practice tai chi every Wednesday, and on Sept. 20 were recognized for their dedication to the practice. Participants ranged in age from early 60s to 98 years old.
Each week, about 30 students participate in the lessons, which are taught by Paula Michele Boyle and Larry Goldstein. The students received recognition for participation in the lessons, as well as artistic achievement in other activities offered at the adult day care.
One participant gratefully thanked Boyle and Goldstein, saying her kids were not used to seeing her walk around as energetically as she does now thanks to the lessons.
“We want to show the community there’s modality in music,” Boyle said.
Individuals who were recognized for their work included Margaret Rickard, William Dever, Henrietta Clark, Evadney Hylton, Anthony Bradshaw, Giovanni Dimeo, Evelyn Miller, William Ware, Ernest Griffin, Jean Baptiste, Geraldine Dowdle and John Miller.
As each name was called, the winner was escorted to accept their certificate by two nurses. Some were too eager to wait for the nurses and tried to get themselves to the front without help, which, as Goldstein pointed out, was a sign that the lessons were working and making them more active.
“I think doing an award ceremony is the best way to show our gratitude to them and showing our appreciation,” Goldstein said
Take a deep breath….
What is your Theme for 2018?
Create Both a Personal and a Work Theme OR Overarching Theme for Both!
We have been advocating this for years — and it really works! Your theme stays tucked in the back of your mind where it percolates and inspires ideas, and becomes the focus for the entire year. It’s a quiet intention that can be your guiding North Star from which you set your priorities and navigate your daily decisions.
There is a great power in your heart’s intention!
Examples of Themes – Vital Health, Healing, Self-Expression, Creativity, Clarified Finances, Family, Completion, Love, Gratitude, Organization, Living in the Present, Authentic Self, Playfulness, Grace, “Being”, Spaciousness, Prosperity, Self-Care, Service, Freedom, Lightness, Career, Community, Mindfulness, Determination, Faith, Clearing, Joy, Expansion, New Projects, Inner Peace, Partnership, Living from Spirit, Healthy Relationships, Truth, Home, Simplification, Clarity, Adventure, Fun, Living from Intuition.…find a theme that really speaks to you!
Try out few themes and see what really “feels true” to you for 2018.
You can make one Word, a PHRASE or a Mantra!
Tune into Your Inner Compass!
Work: This is My Year of ________________________
Personal: This is My Year of ________________________
Some steps to that build a strong foundation for your soul’s calling:
Select your theme(s) for 2018 that sings to your soul. Describe what your theme means to you!
On a blank card write your theme with energy and intent.
Use symbols, images, dreams or a touchstone that remind you of your theme.
Notice the ways your theme “shows up” throughout your day.
Let others know what your Themes and Priorities are – remind them over time!
Set up weekly support and accountability with a coach or friend to stay on track!
List what do you need to do or let go of to “make space” for what you REALLY want and need in 2018!
AN EXAMPLE — My Personal Theme for 2018
 My Personal Theme is True Freedom … Free of old beliefs, ego identifications, stories and self-judgment. Freer to make mistakes, freer to tell my Truth to myself and others, freer to take care of myself, freer of obligations and over-commitments, freer to pursue my life from my Natural Rhythms, and Freer to say no and freer to say YES to what “truly feels” like a Resounding Yes!
PLUS — an ever-deepening connection to my INNER Beloved!
Intention and Attention with No Tension!
Wishing you happiness, peace, prosperity and radiant Well-Being in 2018!
Rebecca McLean, BCC – Founder of the Circle of Life Coaching System