How To Become A Certified Life Coach



Life Coach Philly makes it simple and cost-effective to get the skills needed to become a certified professional life coach in a fraction of the time vs other leading coach institutes.
We offer the most advanced, cutting-edge, personalized, holistic coach training available today.
Upon enrollment, You will receive expert instruction first hand by industry pioneer Master Coach Paula Michele Boyle, who has more than 20 years experience, successfully coaching and training all walks of life ranging in all ages and backgrounds.
Our graduates  come from various backgrounds; such as parents, teachers, counselors, massage therapists, hairdressers, and all leaders interested in helping themselves and others live successfully. All receiving personalized and expert instruction depending on how they individually learn. 
Step by step instruction through fundamentals, technique, marketing, and branding ensures your success upon completion Life Coach Philly’s program. There is a direct correlation between the quality of training you receive and your ability to add value to your clients. Our proven techniques and support prepare you to provide excellent service for your clients. The more value you can add to your clients, the more clients you will have.



The knowledge gained from this program will extend well beyond the course itself.


The Life Coach Market

Are you ready to join one of today’s fastest growing professions? 

Based on your priorities, you  have the freedom to set your own schedule,  for a part time or full time business.

You can run your coaching business online, over the phone at home, at a local cafe, or anywhere you and the client agree upon. Giving you the financial freedom to have what you’ve always wanted. 

 Get certified and start changing lives today.



Home study course  $795.

One on one instructions with your master coach, personalized to your needs and schedule $1200.

Become a Life Coach