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Paula Michele Boyle

For over 25 years Paula Michele Boyle ( The Love Coach) has been on a mission helping friends and family in areas of their lives where they felt stuck. From health concerns to relationship issues and personal challenges, she has been the “go to” person for all kinds of people and has a true passion to empower those in need so they can help themselves.

Paula Michele Boyle decided to take her gifts and talents and create a career of it by becoming certified as a life coach. Certified by Coaches Institute International and Master Coaching Academy,

After years of successfully helping her clients move forward and reach their goals, the word spread about the amazing results that she was achieving through the coaching process.

Paula then founded Life Coach Philly, School of Coaching, where she offers certifications in Holistic Life Coaching as well as having a team of coaches specializing in all areas of life.

Paula is a master coach who personally trains, mentors and certifies each student as they become a top coach.

As her practice was growing, she was recognized by the media, featured in the local city newspapers such as The Philadelphia Public Record, “Paula Michele Boyle has a gift, the kind she loves to hand out to people in need, She helps them create the life they imagine.” -James Tayoun

“[Paula] is a life preserver leading and helping the community.” Northeast Times

She co-founded The Personal Empowerment Group with Dr. Kalind Bakshi and Rev. Mike Wanner which is a one-stop shop for various types of coaching, training and energy healing.

Paula Michele Boyle’s achievements include:

  • Creator of Life Coach Philly
  • Co Founder of The Personal Empowerment Group
  • Master Life Coach
  • Relationships Specialist
  • Weight Management Coach
  • Master Style Consultant Coach
  • Master Wellness Coach
  • Author of ‘The Love Coach’
  • Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner
  • Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing Practitioner levels 1 & 2
  • Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader Healer Within Foundation
  • Global Science Foundation
  • American Union of NLP
  • Institute of Integral Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Paula served as an ambassador for The Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and has participated as an exhibitor at the Business Expos at Holy Family College.

She was on the panel of experts at The Family Owned Business Series at Community College, Center for Small Business Education, Growth and Training.

Participates in the Wellness Symposium at the Philadelphia Protestant Home

Paula has talked live on The Lifestyles Show on WWDB on Christmas eve and Christmas Day about the lives of her clients which were transformed by the life coaching process.

Network WPHL 17 recognized her as “the career guru” and invited her to appear on their network show “Eye Opener” to give advice on, “How to make your job more bearable.”

Paula has been interviewed several times by Carolyn Harris on “The Young Entrepreneur’s Radio Show”

She has accepted an award for “Women of Strength” given by  Coach Sakinah Salley

Her success stories can be read in her book “Love Coach ” which was co-authored by Rev. Mike Wanner.

“We may seek advice and suggestions from others, however the answers lie within.”~PMB~

“There are many pathways to success, each person must walk their own path to discover what may be the best for them.” ~PMB~

Paula’s passion is to offer you guidance and support through your journey, whether you want to help yourself or help others breakthrough perceived limitations and create a better life.

Today, Paula focuses on empowering individuals and businesses through coaching and training so that they can help themselves and continues to grow.

A new direction

After finding her calling, Paula Michele Boyle founded Life Coach Philly to help others find theirs.

A coach that cares: Paula Michele Boyle, founder of Life Coach Philly, provides life advice to clients, and trains prospective life coach students so they may also spread their knowledge. LOGAN KRUM / TIMES PHOTO

Each room in the home and workplace of Paula Michele Boyle is lavishly decorated in a different style than the one before it. Walk through the living room, and a seashell pink miniature chandelier dangles over two couches facing each other where she sometimes conducts sessions. Head across the room and into her office, and you’ll find a luminescent aquarium opposite shelves packed to the brim with books as peaceful music plays.

From these rooms, Boyle, a Rhawnhurst resident, dispenses advice for a variety of subjects as eclectic as her décor. She is the founder of Life Coach Philly, and is able to provide necessary support for people having trouble finding their direction with relationships, wellness or careers.

Her secret is simple. Just believe in the person.

Life Coach Philly has two main purposes: providing life advice to clients, and training prospective life coach students so they may also spread their knowledge.

“People in leadership positions like managers or teachers or parents take the course to help out in that area of their lives,” said Boyle, a South Philadelphia native.

Clients are given two options; to sign up for one one-hour session, or to sign up for 10 one-hour sessions that will take place over the span of two and a half months. Sessions can be done in Boyle’s home, though most choose to take sessions from the comfort of their own homes over the phone.

Across the span of these sessions, Boyle helps clients answer these three questions about their goal, in order: why, how and what.


The why is an important question to ask, because it helps reveal the necessity of the goal.

Boyle’s why is an easy one. She used to work as a cleaner and office organizer, which required her to talk to her clients to figure out what they like.

“As I asked them what they liked to do so I can create a space for them, they started to give me personal information about their lives,” she said. “I would naturally be coaching them without even realizing I was coaching.”

A customer asked her if she was a life coach, and that was when she realized she had inadvertently been acting as one.

After doing research, she decided to make the career move. She founded Life Coach Philly in 2009.

“Clients may come in not believing themselves, and I’m seeing them through, and knowing they are going to succeed,” she said. “There’s no doubt in my mind if they come through with this process, they will get what they want. However, the goal needs to be attainable.”


When they get to the how section, clients ask themselves what methods they have already tried to achieve their goal, and other methods they might take.

For potential life coaches, Life Coach Philly may be the “how” they are looking for. Boyle and Dr. Kalind Bakshi serve as master coaches, who provide guidance for an individualized program that helps students become life coaches themselves.

When she helped design the program students take, Boyle wanted to make sure she wasn’t hogging all the success to herself.

“I started to see that people’s lives were transforming, and I decided I wanted to see everyone with these skills,” she said.

The training process takes place over the course of one month with four classes. Students can take on modules at their own pace or work with one of the coaches one on one. At the end of each module, there is an assignment.

What students do once they complete the course is up to them. They may choose to become a life coach themselves, or they may use the knowledge to enhance their current careers.

“Most employers will look for people with the skills the course teaches,” Boyle said.

Boyle said she has created a network of people who have taken the course, and continues to help them with their careers and future endeavors. The last module teaches students marketing skills if they decide to life coach themselves.


Boyle recalls one client who came to her with an “empty nest situation.” She was a single mom whose kids had moved away and had lost her job of 30 years. She didn’t know what to do next.

They worked together to find the client’s “what.” What does she want in life?

Boyle recalled the amazement she felt as she watched the client completely rebuild her life in a couple of months. The client landed an “excellent” position (details withheld, of course), and Boyle was in awe of her transformation.

That’s Boyle’s own “what.” The “what” part is figuring out if what the client thinks they want is in line with what they truly want.

For Boyle, that’s the easiest part. She had trouble deliberating which example she wanted to talk about.

“[The client’s] life changed right before our eyes,” Boyle said. “She used what we discussed and went into a higher consciousness.” ••

Prospective students and clients can visit for more information and to sign up for classes or sessions.


Dr Kalind Bakshi

Dr. Kalind Bakshi MD, FACS, BCC, CoL retired Vascular Surgeon, a Master Life and Professional Coach and a Trainer, Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor [IIQTC]

Having practiced vascular surgery for 30 +years in the USA, Dr. Kalind Bakshi studied Holistic Medicine at the Global College of Natural Medicine. His area of interest was the Aging process & staying young. Subsequently, he became a Board Certified Professional and Life coach, Circle of Life Health & wellness coach & a Master Coach Dr.Bakshi is also certified in NLP, Group Leadership Coaching, and Food Psychology. He is an IIQTC certified Tai Chi & Chi Gong Instructor with a deep interest in Energy Medicine. He has extensive coaching experience in health wellness, EFT, weight management and stress mastery..

His own programs of weight management, as well as Stress Mastery coaching & coach training, have been well received. He has trained and certified many coaches in basic coaching skills and specialty coaching areas. He has lectured & conducted workshops face to face, in groups and online / video conferencing techniques both nationally and internationally in coaching, coach training as well as in Tai chi/QiGong. He is the International representative of Health Action, Inc

And IIQTC [ Institute of Integral QiGong & tai chi] developing programs around the world.

With a deep interest in Genetics , Epigenetics as well as Biology of Healing, his approach has been to correlate Western Medical science & Research with the Eastern Energy Practices towards optimal health.

He is currently conducting workshops on Tai Chi-QiGong -Yoga Fusion

An emphasis on practical experience is the hallmark of all his lectures, workshops and training programs.