What Our Graduates Have to Say

Our students at Life Coach Philly come from all walks of life and range in ages of 21-77. Some are counselors, massage therapists, hairdressers, teachers, healers, parents all leaders interested in helping themselves and others live more successfully. Many have been helping others most of their lives and are the go-to person for family and friends. They are trusted advisers having provided support and encouragement to those in need. some students are just starting out with the knowledge that they are meant to serve, and this is the most rewarding way to do so. Now with the training, they receive from our holistic life coach classes, we are proud to say they are Certified Professional Coaches of  Life Coach Philly international school of coaching. Hear what our graduates are saying about their individual experience from taking the coach training course.

As a recent graduate of Life Coach Philly International School of Coaching, I would like to say how much my life has changed since starting the program. I started out a complete mess! Abused, divorced, the loss of 2 parents and just a completely negative and defensive person. I was miserable and was making those around me miserable. But I never realized it. I’d get angry if someone told me I was negative.
Today I wake each morning thankful for another day. I instantly think of 3 positive thoughts to start my day and steer clear of negative energy. I work from home in several business lines. I am now a certified life coach, excited to help others find their purpose. I am a social network marketing trainer and an independent consultant. I can’t wait to take on the world with my new positive mindset and be able to help others feel the way I do today. I definitely recommend anyone to take train with Master Coach Paula. It is a life changing experience and I’m so thankful I was introduced to her. Thank you Paula for helping me find that happy, healthier me that was buried so deep inside. is #1!!!!!!

Renea F.


The training course that I enrolled in with LifeCoach Phillly was an awesome experience. I didn’t know what to expect but I learned a lot about listening, observation and instead of me doing the work for my client allow my client to do the work. Life Coach Philly worked with me during my crazy hours and helped me to achieve my goal in becoming a Coach. I would truly recommend Paula because she’s very professional and a people person. I can feel that she really like to help people.

-Tamika Bonaparte


The training is beneficial for anyone desiring growth on a personal level or business level. I would recommend the integrity of this course to anyone who wants results in their life. The instructor understood my needs and desires and worked with me through each question or concern giving me greater insight into the program as well in strengthening faith within myself.
Melissa Perez

Thank you for putting the tools of empowerment in my hands. I am passionate to share them with all who are ready to stretch their awareness higher, beyond the physical limits. and tap into their full potential.

Theresa B.


Becoming a Life Coach has been a game changer for me. I took what I learned from Paula’s Trainings and applied it to my life as well as my business ventures. It helped me tremendously with building confidence in myself, to be able to confidently help others. I had the luxury of meeting Paula after graduation, and she answered my questions thorougly, and helped me uncover my own limiting beliefs that were hindering my growth. She is such a kind and gentle soul. If I could give more stars I would!
Oasha Brown
I can truly say I have gained an amazing transformation by graduating (August 2019) as a Certified Life Coach with the Life Coach Philly course. It’s such a good feeling! The Life Coach Philly course has UPLIFTED my life greatly. It’s definitely A Dose Of Growth to my life – more knowledge- more good energy. I am so happy to have connected with Paula. Paula is easy to communicate with and she answers your questions effectively (with good illustrations and examples). I am forever grateful to Paula/Life Coach Philly. Thank you so much!!
Kimmie Murchison
Received my life coaching certification in June 2019! It was a fantastic experience indeed ! Paula was a wonderful coach ! Thank you Paula for an amazing experience!
Cyndi Figuerso
I was certified as a Life Coach with Paula at Life Coach Philly three years ago and then came back for more training a year later. Paula is not only an amazing Master Coach, but also a very selfless leader. I’ve evolved so much as a person, student and coach and I give all the thanks and praise to Paula for her generosity. This coaching program has shifted my life in ways that I could not have ever imagined. If you’re thinking about it, treat your current and future self to what Life Coach Philly has to offer. It’s a gift that’ll keep on giving to you and yours!
Melinda Lindor

I am a former graduate of Life Coach Philly The Training was thorough and very informative Paula makes it interesting and easy to understand. The more I learned from her the more confident I became in my skill sets I would recommend Life Coach Philly to anyone interested in coaching and helping others find their niche and finding their purpose in life The training prepared me to start my own coaching business I became a great coach in a short period of time without any prior experience.
Larry (San Francesco)

This experience was great. I learned so much and am so excited to incorporate life coaching into my current work as a social worker. The information was detailed, yet able to be understood. The examples were specific and that was helpful. Also, I really liked how scenarios and strategies were described at length. Lastly, I enjoyed learning about personal empowerment and how to
Incorporate the concepts and ideas into my practice as both a life coach and social worker.
Natalie Patterson

I trained at Life Coach Philly School of Training. Paula Michele was my Master Coach. I am so grateful that I trained with her. I am now a Certified Professional Life Coach, as I presently own and founded Life Coaching RB. Paula Michele has inspired me in many different ways, as I was able to move forward with my Life Coaching Business. With Paula Michele as my inspiration, I now have a Successful Business and I am doing what I am most passionate about. Helping others while empowering them, is definitely rewarding. Many blessings to Paula Michele, as she is truly a GEM !!

I went to Paula because of I was struggling to start a business. Paula helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and i started an action plan to help me realize my goals. Paula is very gifted at helping people. Her life coaching skills helped me to move forward with my business. I recommend her for anyone that needs a Philly life coach.

Paula Michele Boyle is a coach that is totally devoted to reaching the best results for her students and clients. She listens attentively for the clues to your genius that will help you and her to form an action plan that is realistic, achievable and aligned with your values.
Rev. Mike Wanner

I chose the self guided course because it was convenient and affordable. I was able to refer back and review the program over a few times to help me absorb the information before moving on to the next module. I was also able to call in and speak with a trainer and got immediate support when I had questions. If you have a hectic life and want to save money, I recommend the self guided program.

The course was enjoyable and easy to understand, there was so much value in each module offering support and structure along the way. I feel that I have many new tools and am excited about my new career.

Paula is a compassionate, caring and a wonderful life coach. For anyone who wishes to get life’s complexities clarified and establish a clear achievable goal, Paula does it the best–in a totally non- judgmental way. She supports her clients through all obstacles to achieve what they want out of life. Even a complimentary session can compliment your life!
Kalind Bakshi MD

I would recommend this course to anyone who in interested in life coaching. It was a personalized course and the instructor will work hand in hand with you to support you with all the tools you need to become a successful life coach. read more…
Nicole Reyes-Padilla

I went into this without a clue on how I could deal with my personal issues and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I began aware on how to attack all problems. I realized i did have the answers, but my thoughts was not organized to produce them. Paula made it all so clear and my focus intensified. it is life changing if your willing to adapt and change yourself.
George Armstrong

Taking this life coach training program has really made a huge difference in my managerial position. I feel more confident and in control of situations that come up. I recommend this training  to all managers who want to advance their communication skills and relationships.


Wonderful program. Paula does take it to the next level. I did research myself when looking for a coaching program and Life Coaching Philly was it for me. Thank you Paula. I appreciate your dedication.
Maria Carmella

“I think this program is great! I love having the information at my fingertips and having the time to review it at my own pace. The program is very informative. I would and have recommended it to others.”

-Kristin Johnson

I am very pleased to have met Paula. For I am looking forward on utilizing for myself and others.

Joanne Scherff

I have a very busy life, so the self directed program was the perfect choice for me. I was still able to call in, speak with the instructors and get my questions answered right away. If you have a busy lifestyle like me and want to save money, then this is what I’d recommend for you.

If you’re ready to understand yourself and the world around you on a much deeper level, then this is a great place to begin your journey. I enjoyed the one to one training with Paula, She has a way of making the program comprehendible and interesting. It was a true spiritual experience. I now have  the tools and skills needed to help each of my clients and their unique challenges. I highly recommend this course to anyone who loves helping others who need structure and motivation. Many thanks to Paula Michele Boyle, you are a very caring trainer and a pleasure to work with.

I am an artist with lots of talents which are not being utilized because of lack of motivation and confidence. This coaching course gave me all the tools that I needed to unscramble everything and put my priorities in proper perspective.
Joe B.

I enjoyed the training, it was so well done and looking forward to using it in my businesses. What I liked most was the practicality of the course. I learned about meditation, and other spiritual practices. Also the marketing plan that we created in class is a great start for my new journey. Very powerful, highly recommend.

“First of all, I would like to thank Master Coach Paula for her time and support. The program challenged me to think outside the box and Coach Paula made it easy for me to feel comfortable and ask questions. This program has given me the confidence to be able to be a great life coach. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a heart to help people and see lives transform.”
-Lorraine Robinson-Schmidt

“I am so glad I took this course, you don’t need all that unnecessary schooling required to help others live a better life. This course cut out all the stuff by higher education institutions, and to understand basic, practical human psychology. I now have a full schedule of clients and earning a lucrative salary.Thanks for your training and mentoring.”
-Larra Baines

“My experience with Life Coach Philly was one to remember! Being under the leadership and teaching of Paula Michele was a privilege, she taught me how to be an effective Life Coach. From her dynamic teaching, to electrifying coaching tools she challenged to me to go beyond coaching clients but helping them change their life. Paula helped shape me to be a natural born leader who will excel in the coaching field because of her guidance. I would highly recommend other leaders to Paula who want to make a difference in the lives of those they coach! If you are ready to be challenged, empowered and motivated to change the lives of others then chose Life Coach Philly! I challenge you to be challenged to let Paula help you impact the lives of those in need.”
-Sakinah Salley

“I truly enjoyed Paula Michele Boyle as a master coach. She identified my strengths and areas I needed to personally to work on before becoming a coach. Or should I say she helped me identify what I needed to do to reach my career goals.Paula helped me feel more confident and prioritize what was most important for me to move forward. I look forward to more training in other areas once I determine my passion.”
-Angela Rabotina

“The benefits I have received are that I have more knowledge about interacting and speaking with clients. I learned how to support the client and help them discover answers within themselves. I have learned questioning skills, ideas, and worksheets that can help a client stay on track and achieve their goals. I also learned about more resources that can help resolve problems that may interfere with achieving what the client wants. I feel good when I help someone realize or discover solutions to things they may have been struggling with. The benefits of life coaching are that coaches can support you through your journey of achieving goals and discovering new opportunities in life. We work with you, solving problems and motivating you so you can be the best you can be.”
-Abby Wassum

“I enjoyed learning the information that will help me help others. I liked how the information was straight forward in power point form. It was easy to understand. I felt comfortable with my instructor. She was understanding and seemed to genuinely enjoy teaching life coaching. She was knowledgeable and resourceful. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in life coaching or perhaps anyone interested in improving their communication skills. As a student of psychology, I found many similarities in coaching and counseling techniques, when communicating with both clients and patients. This was a great refresher course for enhancing my skills in this area. I felt very much at ease reviewing the materials with Paula and I would definitely recommend this course to others, in any field where one is working directly with people. This course was an excellent review of what’s important when building relationships with the people you want to serve. It’s all about human connections!”
-Trish Turo

“Thank you Paula for an amazing life coaching journey. I am empowered and more thoughtful about what is important to me. I am setting goals and executing them in a timely fashion. It’s wonderful to know that I had answers to my success all along. Paula helped me rediscover the power inside of me to live the kind of success I always wanted. I am so grateful for your training and guidance.”
-Monique Pettway

“An awesome learning experience, which can be used in all areas of my life, enabling me to help others progress towards a successful life. Life Coach Philly offered a loving and supportive environment in which helped my potential unfold most effortlessly. I deeply appreciate having the opportunity to be trained by a great leader. I feel inspired to do the same with my clients.Thanks for the program, Love & Blessings. ”
-Dena Lee, MSW

“The course was very informative. You the student are given the tools to help others, allowing them to explore all possibilities. To have the ability to help others is a very powerful experience, to be a life coach is wonderful for individuals who have a genuine concern for his fellow man.”
-Aretha Reid

“My instructor was very informative and she set the atmosphere nice comfortable and I will recommend this program to anyone that’s interested.”
-Diane Scott

“I was very impressed by the information presented and taught by the instructor. The presentations are very well put together and the information quite invaluable”

-Spenser Lin

My life coach certification experience with Paula Boyle has changed my life in a most profound positive direction. As a personal fitness instructor , pilates and yoga instructor who incorporates intuitive spiritual Lightwork , I wanted to enhance my practice with a more grounded foundation . As an empath I needed to set up more defined boundaries so that I can preserve  my energy and operate on a higher plane . I feel more inspired now as I work with my clients because time (within a session and in my personal life )is used more efficiently due to the very well thought out structure provided in the Life Coach Philly modules. Paula Boyle’s program provides highly efficient clear and concise material from which to build a deeper practice . Paula’s  own life is a story of success and self empowerment. As a coach and teacher she is highly intuitive, authentic, compassionate, inspiring and she couples that with practical tools in real time to put the power of attaining one’s dreams back into the clients own hands. I felt very supported, understood and nurtured by her. By sharing her experiences and by listening to my soul’s purpose ( which was revealed during our phone sessions ) I felt supported and honored. I highly recommend her  program because it is rich with an abundance of brilliant tools to help create a life filled with joy peace and abundance ..for yourself and your clients ! From a scale of 1 to 10 I give it beyond a 10 into infinite possibilities. I feel very blessed and grateful to have found Paula Boyle and Life Coach Philly

-Christine C.

“I am a graduate of Life Coach Philly. What sets Life Coach Philly apart from any other life coaching program is the absolute customized one on one in person training. This not only gives you the ability to learn on a interactive, personal level but it prepares you to become not only a life coach, but a top life coach. With this one on one dynamic you get to experience life coaching from both angles- as the client and as the coach. As you complete the program you learn how to create powerful interpersonal connections, valuable tools, marketing & business strategy, as well as establish your own personal empowerment. Life Coach Philly teaches you to embody your passion and create endless opportunities within your coaching and within life itself.”

-Alyssa Trickey

“I absolutely felt comfortable with the one on one training. The information made you get in touch with yourself and prepared you to be of help to others. Also provided me with the opportunity to sit on the other side to see what it will feel like as a client relating to the life coach. Would recommend the one on one training whole heartedly”

-Lolita Avery