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Become a Certified Life Coach

Train and Work from Home

Have you experienced tough life challenges and found a way to rise above and resolve those challenges, and now want to help others in need?
Imagine having the tools and knowledge to make that happen.

Now you can leverage your experiences and turn them into a valuable Coaching practice by using our Holistic Coaching System.

Introducing world-class, cutting-edge education for those seeking a career as a Certified Holistic Coach.

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Learn directly from the respected pioneers in the world of Coaching and capture an amazing experience.

If personal empowerment and impacting lives are meaningful to you, we invite you to join our alumni and be part of our community of International Professional Coaches.

The Ultimate Self-awareness Program


Our Mission and Intention

Our Mission is to Coach, train, and mentor each student while providing opportunities to realize and reveal higher potential.

We intend to support our students in developing new degrees of self-awareness as they maximize their strengths, propelling them to discover their uniqueness.

Our students are encouraged to get in touch whenever they feel stuck and need extra support.

We ensure that we are offering a revolutionary program for self-empowerment in our fast- evolving world.

Upon completing this course, our graduates will be recognized as leaders, equipped and qualified to confidently assist others on their journey.

Now offering Sunday classes

Welcome to our inner circle!
In honor of keeping our classes personalized and more focused for deeper learning, registration will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Class Schedule


Monday Classes Graduate by Christmas

A Four Week Program, Connecting Mondays at 6 pm.

Tuesday Classes Graduate by Christmas

A Four Week Program, Connecting Sundays at 10 am.

Wednesday Classes Graduate by Christmas

A Four Week Program, Connecting Wednesday at 6 pm.

Overview of your journey ahead

  • You will learn how to be a top Coach by using our proven Holistic Coaching System which has helped individuals worldwide.
  • You will get all the forms and tools needed to start your Coaching Business.
  • You will earn your Certified Professional Life Coach Credential and be in a position to help others break through limitations.
  • You can reinvent yourself as a prosperous, independent entrepreneur.
  • You will discover new ways to motivate your clients to find creative solutions and immediately take action.
  • You will identify ways to merge Coaching with your existing business or career.
  • You will learn how to build your community through marketing and branding. 
  • You will see how prospective clients will recognize your value as a  Certified Professional Life Coach.


Will I need any prior training or credentials to take the Life Coach program?

There are no prerequisites for this program, anyone interested in creating value in their life and the lives of others are welcome to enroll.

Why is the cost of this course much less than others that I see online?

We can make our program affordable because our team of experts took the best cutting-edge information on Coaching and left out all of the repetitive rhetoric.

Will I receive help with starting my Coaching business?

Absolutely, Module 4 is Marketing, Branding, and Business set up, here is where you will learn proven ways to structure, launch, and promote your Coaching practice.

What Coaching credential will I earn when I graduate?

You will earn your Certified Professional Coach certificate which allows you to use the initials CPC following your name and accepted worldwide.

Coaching Programs

Life Coach Certification

Help clients progress through life transitions by using this transformational program.

Requirements ~ For individuals with a passion to serve others and the desire to see them succeed. 

If you are the go-to person for family and friends and genuinely feel rewarded by assisting them, then a career as a life coach may be for you.

You will receive a complete tool kit with all the forms, tools and resources needed to prepare you for your career as a Holistic Life Coach.

Specialty Course

Holistic Wellness Coaching

A multi-faceted approach to accelerate natural healing with proven holistic modalities.

Requirements ~ For individuals who are ready to discover the ultimate condition of wholeness that can be achieved by focusing on body, mind, and spirit, all in harmony with one another. Get ready to accelerate your body’s self-healing abilities.

You will receive a total wellness tool kit needed to set yourself and your clients on a journey to living a healthier, balanced lifestyle..
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