Considering becoming a life coach?

Get ready to make a real difference and positively impact lives by using our amazing, effective, Holistic Coaching System. 

 Learn to Coach and market yourself from the masters and pioneers in Coaching

This program is designed to empower you to become a competent leader and an Internationally-Recognized Coach

You’ll learn a simple “step by step” process to get real results fast

You’ll get all the tools you need to help yourself and others develop personally, professionally, and spiritually

You'll understand how to improve your relationship with everyone especially the one with yourself

By the time you graduate, you will be qualified, equipped, and confident to Coach clients through life transitions *relationships *wellness *careers *finances 

Why International School of Coaching?

Offering the most Credible, Effective, Coach Training Course available today with a special focus on...

  • Self Empowerment
  • Spirituality
  • Authenticity
  • Communication
  • Flexibility

By popular request, we have added a class in January 2020, we truly believe in this program and are proud to be in the position to share it with you. 

Class Schedule

Wednesday, January 22, 10 am

Wednesday, January 29, 10 am

Wednesday, February 12, 10 am 

Wednesday, February 12, 10 am & Graduation

Work one to one with The Master Coach

Get trained, Coached and Mentored during the program, we customize the entire program, tailored to the needs of each student and create a marketing model, relevant for each individual lifestyle.

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I can truly say I have gained an amazing transformation by graduating (August 2019) as a Certified Life Coach with the Life Coach Philly course. It’s such a good feeling! The Life Coach Philly course has UPLIFTED my life greatly. It’s definitely A Dose Of Growth to my life - more knowledge- more good energy. I am so happy to have connected with Paula. Paula is easy to communicate with and she answers your questions effectively (with good illustrations and examples). I am forever grateful to Paula at International School of Coaching. Thank you so much!!!    


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