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Considering becoming a Life Coach?

Introducing a simple and affordable way to become an Internationally-Recognized Certified Professional Coach.

  • Learn an easy “step by step” Holistic Coaching System to powerfully transform lives — and be ready to coach right away!

    International School of Coaching ~ Life Coach Philly is among the most Credible Holistic Coach Training Program available today, ~With a special focus on…

  • Self Empowerment

  • Spirituality

  • Flexibility 

  • Communication

  • Effectiveness

  • Are you called to guide people who are struggling and feel stuck?

Imagine if you could help someone experience positive, dynamic and meaningful changes that transform them from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn how to help those who need your aid as they work through life’s challenging situations, breaking negative patterns and discover new ways to live successfully.

  • Can you see potential in others even when they cannot see it in themselves?

    Do you care about your own personal development and want to become empowered and grow spiritually?

    Do family and friends come to you for guidance or advice and feel inspired or motivated after speaking with you?

    If your answer is YES and you’re ready to become a confident leader, earning true respect from others while living a lifestyle you love and deserve, then this program is for you.

  • Here’s your opportunity to take charge of your own life, as you help others do the same.

  • Today, many certified coaches worldwide are using our coaching system to assist their clients on getting lasting results personally and professionally.

    You will learn how to Coach and support anyone feeling stuck in these areas.Image result for life wheel

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    Q ~ Why is this course so much cheaper than others I see on line?   A ~ We are able to make our program affordable because our team took the best of the best from the most comprehensive education on life coaching and left out all of the repetitive rhetoric and packaged it exclusively for Life Coach Philly.

    Q ~ What equipment will I need to take the Self Directed Course?
    A ~ All you will need to successfully take our Self Directed Course is a computer, internet connection and access to a printer.

    Q ~ Will I receive help in starting my coaching business?                 A~ Absolutely, Module 4 is Marketing and Business set up, here’s where you will learn proven ways to organize, launch and promote your own coaching practice.

    Q ~ What Coaching credential will I receive from this Life Coach program?                                                                                                                  A ~ You will earn your Certified Professional Life Coach Certificate. This will allow you to use the initials CPC after your name; on your business cards, letterhead, promotional materials and on your website. We are an international institute and your Certified Professional Coach Certificate is recognized worldwide. 

     Q ~ Why do you consider your program the most cutting edge Life Coach Training?                                                                                                                      A ~ As we are rapidly evolving, we are regularly updating the program with the latest proven information and currently the only Coaching School offering a Holistic Coaching Formula.

  • You will get everything you need to become a competent Life Coach able to create your own schedule, be your own boss and have more freedom. 

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Life Coaching has finally made it to the mainstream and more people are seeking out Coaches to help them through difficult challenges. Coaching is quickly becoming a required skill for entrepreneurs and employees of all levels and many professional companies are seeking to hire Certified Coaches. We believe that the main reason that Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions is because it really works. Our students and clients are living more satisfying lives thanks to their understanding of the principles and effective tools offered by this proven system.

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You don’t need to wait until life is perfect and you have it all figured out in order to help others move forward. You don’t even need a college degree or years of school.  Chances are, you’ve been through some tough life experiences which you found ways to overcome and care enough to help others who are struggling, wanting a change. This course was designed to prepare you to harness the power of your own life experiences, combine it with proven skills and effective tools to develop your own Coaching Style. Your Coaching skills and support are much needed now more than ever, knowing that you’ve made a difference in the lives of others is personally rewarding and fulfilling.

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This program is for, Parents, Teachers, Managers, and all leaders wanting part/full time work as a Coach or those interested in enhancing an existing career.

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 By the time you graduate, you will have earned a Coaching credential that is recognized worldwide and you’ll be confident and prepared to provide your clients with the finest Coaching experience, online, over the phone or live in person. 

  • Access your classroom from anywhere you have a phone or internet.
  • 2 Convenient Class Options ~ Which one will you choose?
    (OPTION 1)  Tuition $600.00 paid in full, you get access to the entire program plus The Personal Empowerment Program  and
    Coach Training support for one month (by appointment)
  • (OPTION 2) ~Tuition $695.00 pay as you go in 3 easy installments (to be completed in 1 month)
  • installment 1 $295.00 module 1 & 2
  • installment 2 $200.00 module 3& 4
  • installment 3 $200.00 module 5 (Personal Empowerment Program)

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Pricing Options



These Masteries are designed based on ICF/IAC/MCA/CoL Criteria collated to create a comprehensive review

~ Becoming a Master Coach Trainer ~



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