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International School of Coaching

Coach Training

Are you the one people come to for support during challenging times?
If you envision a meaningful career positively impacting lives, here’s your opportunity to take advantage of your natural gifts and abilities and make that happen. 
Gain the skills and credentials directly from the respected masters and their proven Holistic Coaching System.
At ISC, we are committed to high-quality coaching and training.
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Get certified by the premier school in Holistic Coach Training

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Join us and discover if you have what it takes to turn coaching into a prosperous career.

Holistic Life Coach Training & Certification

Become a Holistic Life Coach and be in a position to help others discover what a meaningful life looks like for them. You will help them identify their dreams, get clear on their motivation, and decide on the necessary action steps to move forward. Offering various skills, powerful tools, and resources to enhance their relationships with loved ones, improve their value and profitability, find a new occupation, start a new business, reduce procrastination, enhance motivation, and find inner peace during challenging times.

Spiritual Development Training Program

 Become a Spiritual Development Coach and be in a position to help those who are seeking a meaningful and profound connection to their authentic self. Spiritual Development involves the realization that we are far more than the body, mind, and intellect. Ideally, we must discover our true soul as we rise to a higher state of consciousness and unleash our dormant abilities. You will understand how to awaken, activate, balance, strengthen, and protect your energy centers. (Chakras)

Paula Michele Boyle

Paula is an international master coach who has successfully transformed multiple lives over two decades of coaching and training. She has personally trained and certified delighted students internationally. She continues her mission by offering powerful tools to realize your natural gifts and maximize your true potential. Her heart is open to illuminate your path, be an inspiration, and bring out the light in you.

    • Our Mission is to train and coach each student, providing opportunities for them to realize higher potential. We achieve this through exceptional training at an affordable cost.
    • We tailor our instruction based on each student’s learning style. We aim to prepare every student to be confident, equipped, and qualified to lead others toward success.

You are never too old to become younger!

Having practiced vascular surgery for 30+ years Dr. Kalind Bakshi studied Holistic medicine at the Global College of Natural Medicine. His area of interest was the Aging process and staying young. Subsequently, he became a Board Certified Professional and  Life Coach, Circle of Life Health & Wellness Coach and a Master Coach. Dr. Bakshi is also certified in NLP, Group Leadership Coaching, and Food Psychology.

30+ years

Becoming a coach

If you're considering becoming a Coach and creating an online business working from home
Here's how you can escape the 9-5 and create true freedom through coaching.
Just a few advantages of working with the International School of Coaching and starting your Coaching business from home.
You are not limited by geography (You can coach anyone, anywhere, anytime you choose)
Set your work hours accordingly (Schedule your sessions for the time that suits you best, free from distractions.
Very little overhead and startup cost ( All you need is a phone and the internet)
No more time-consuming commutes and wasted time sitting in traffic.
Save money on gas and car repairs.
Eat healthier meals at home and save time and money on restaurants.

Here's what you'll learn

 A holistic system to help your clients succeed using a repeatable and engaging process.
How to apply powerful tools to complement your natural gifts, talents, and life experiences.
How to identify and leverage your strengths and areas of improvement.
Gain clarity on your vision, mission, and purpose.
How to enhance communication skills to improve self-confidence.
To develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and self-regulation.
How to become proficient in collaboration, resolution, and feedback skills. 

Gain exclusive access to our Community of International Professional Coaches. 

Establish and build creditability as a supportive leader.
Earn the title Certified Professional Coach and gain the initials CPC following your name on your certificate.

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