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Develop your Personal, Professional, and Spiritual growth using our proven Holistic Coaching System.

International School of Coaching offers the most cutting-edge training to help you create massive results in your life and the lives you serve.

All you have to do is follow the step-by-step program to create the life you always wanted.

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An Open Heart That Brings Out The Light In You.

 Meet the Master Coach, Paula Michele Boyle

Paula is an international Coach and trainer who has successfully transformed multiple lives in her 25 years of Coaching.

She knows what it takes to manifest peace, harmony, and prosperity. She continues her mission by offering you tools to realize your natural gifts and maximize your true potential.

Her heart is open to illuminate your path, be an inspiration, and bring out the light in you.

25+ years

Dr K

You are never too old to become younger!

Having practiced vascular surgery for 30+ years  Dr. Kalind Bakshi studied Holistic Medicine at the Global College of Natural Medicine. His area of interest was the Aging process & staying young. Subsequently, he became a Board Certified Professional and Life coach, Circle of Life Health & wellness coach & a Master Coach Dr.Bakshi is also certified in NLP, Group Leadership Coaching, and Food Psychology.

30+ years


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Students who complete this course will earn the title Certified Professional Coach and gain the initials CPC following their name on their certificate.

Hear From Our Graduates

I have made several positive changes in my life since my coaching experience with Paula. She was very friendly and patient with me throughout my entire training. My perception of reality changed and I've never felt more in control of my life now. Paula provided me with the tools I needed to help me on my new journey into the Life Coaching business and the sense of empowerment was amazing. Thank you so much Paula!
Lydia Muniz
Becoming a Life Coach has been a game-changer for me. I took what I learned from Paula's Training and applied it to my life as well as my business ventures. It helped me tremendously with building confidence in myself, to be able to confidently help others. I had the luxury of meeting Paula after graduation, she helped me uncover my own limiting beliefs that were hindering my growth. She is such a kind and gentle soul.
Oasha Brown
What sets Life Coach Philly apart from any other life coaching program is the absolute customized one on one in-person training. You will learn how to create powerful interpersonal connections, valuable tools, marketing & business strategy, as well as establish your own personal empowerment. Life Coach Philly teaches you to embody your passion and create endless opportunities within your coaching and within life itself."
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Alyssa Trickey

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