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International School of Coaching

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Holistic Coach Training

  • Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others?
  • Do your friends often turn to you for advice?
  • Do you want to gain greater control of your own life?

If you answered YES to these questions, then a career as a Certified Life Coach is definitely something you should consider. You would be actively engaged in helping your clients achieve their dreams and live their best possible lives. We are committed to affordably training and mentoring our students to help them realize their full potential. Our unique approach (Holistic Coach Training) is what enables us to do this.

International School of Coaching's programs are tailored to each student's learning style. To ensure your continued success, we provide ongoing support after training is complete. Students have the option of studying with the Master Coach or completing self directed training.

Over the last 20 years, we have personally coached over 300 clients, engaged in 1200+ sessions, and successfully trained and certified 176 individuals.

We are proud of our graduates' success and continued accomplishments, as well as the recognition we have received. Check out our Master Coach, Paula Michele Boyle, in this NBC10 video broadcast:

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The International School of Coaching offers certificates in 3 areas:

Holistic Life Coach Training & Certification

Next class May 8, 2023

Spiritual Development Training Program


There are a multitude of benefits to earning a certification through one of our programs:

  • You will learn important skills to improve self-confidence as well as enhance relationships with loved ones, clients, and co-workers.
  • You will learn to apply powerful tools to complement your natural gifts, talents, and life experiences within your practice.
  • You will know exactly how you can help your clients succeed, using a repeatable and engaging process.
  • You will identify your niche and then clearly define and develop your personal brand.
  • You will become a candidate for our referral program, which provides opportunities to appear and be promoted on our website.
  • Our graduates gain exclusive access to our Community of International Professional Coaches, a platform that enables them to network with established professionals.
Paula Home Page

Meet the Master Coach Paula Michele Boyle

Paula is an international coach and trainer who has successfully transformed multiple lives in her decades of coaching. She knows what it takes to manifest peace, harmony, and prosperity. She continues her mission by offering you tools to realize your natural gifts and maximize your true potential. Her heart is open to illuminate your path, be an inspiration and bring out the light in you.

25+ years


Dr K

You are never too old to become younger!

Having practiced vascular surgery for 30+ years Dr. Kalind Bakshi studied Holistic medicine at the Global College of Natural Medicine. His area of interest was the Aging process and staying young. Subsequently, he became a Board Certified Professional and  Life Coach, Circle of Life Health & Wellness Coach and a Master Coach. Dr. Bakshi is also certified in NLP, Group Leadership Coaching, and Food Psychology.

30+ years

Students who complete this program will earn the title Certified Professional Coach and gain the initials CPC following their name on their certificate


Will I need any prior training or credentials to take the Life Coach program?

There are no prerequisites for this program, anyone interested in creating value in their life and the lives of others are welcome to enroll.

Why is the cost of this course much less than others that I see online?

There is no need to spend $5000.00 plus for 6 months of training. Our team of experts made our program affordable by using the best cutting-edge information on Coaching without all of the repetitive rhetoric.

Will I receive help with starting my Coaching business?

Absolutely, Module 4 is Marketing, Branding, and Business set up, here is where you will learn proven ways to structure, launch, and promote your Coaching practice.

What Coaching credential will I earn when I graduate?

You will earn your Certified Professional Coach certificate which allows you to use the initials CPC following your name and accepted worldwide.

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