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International School of Coaching

Holistic Life Coach Training and Certification

Our Mission is Your Success

  • Do friends and family often turn to you for support?
  • Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others while gaining greater control of your life?
If you envision helping others overcome obstacles to attain success, and desire a meaningful career, here’s your opportunity to make that happen. 
Now you can create a profound impact and positive change for yourself and the people in your life by using our Holistic Coaching System.
Learn directly from the respected pioneers in Coaching who have helped hundreds of people worldwide take control of their lives.
At ISC, we are committed to affordably training and mentoring our students to help them succeed and realize their full potential.

Everything you need to launch and grow your coaching business and transform lives

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ISC offers certificates in 3 areas:

Holistic Life Coach Training & Certification

Monday, October 9, 2023

Spiritual Development Training Program

Sundays and Wednesdays
Here's some of the many benefits of earning a certification through ISC
  •  You will gain exclusive access to our Community of International Professional Coaches, a platform that enables you to network with established professionals.
  • You will become a candidate for our referral program, which provides opportunities to appear and be promoted on our site.
  • You will learn communication skills to improve self-confidence, build creditability, and be recognized as a supportive leader.
  • You will learn to apply powerful tools to complement your natural gifts, talents, and life experiences within your practice.
  •  You will learn a system to help your clients succeed using a repeatable and engaging process.
  • You will learn to identify your niche and clearly define and develop your brand.
  • You will earn the title Certified Professional Coach and gain the initials CPC following your name on your certificate.

Meet your instructor

Paula Michele Boyle

Paula is an international coach and trainer who has successfully transformed multiple lives over two decades of coaching. She has personally trained and certified delighted students internationally. She continues her mission by offering powerful tools to realize your natural gifts and maximize your true potential. Her heart is open to illuminate your path, be an inspiration, and bring out the light in you.


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You are never too old to become younger!

Having practiced vascular surgery for 30+ years Dr. Kalind Bakshi studied Holistic medicine at the Global College of Natural Medicine. His area of interest was the Aging process and staying young. Subsequently, he became a Board Certified Professional and  Life Coach, Circle of Life Health & Wellness Coach and a Master Coach. Dr. Bakshi is also certified in NLP, Group Leadership Coaching, and Food Psychology.

30+ years

Our Mission

Our sole purpose is to train and coach each student while providing opportunities to realize their highest potential. We achieve this through exceptional training at a very affordable cost. We are committed to all our students and clients to provide superior training and coaching services.  In addition, we tailor our instruction based on each student’s learning style. We aim to prepare every student to be confident, equipped, and qualified to lead others toward success.


The best investment you can make is always in yourself.
The possibilities and rewards are endless when you invest in Personal and Professional Development.

Enroll now and get our bonus track “The Personal Empowerment Program” completely FREE. Valued at $450.00

  • Help others 
  • identify their ultimate dreams and goals
  • gain the clarity needed to make decisions
  • set goals that positively motivate them
  • discover their purpose for a meaningful life
  • prioritize and manage their time more efficiently
  • discover the necessary action steps to move forward
  • manifest the future that resonates with their soul
  • by offering effective tools and resources
  • be more productive in their business and personal life
  • improve the quality of their life
  • move to the next level of their career
  • reduce the number of issues in their life
  • Help others be much more effective influencers
  • improve their value and profitability
  • develop and lead a healthier lifestyle
  • enhance their relationships with their loved ones
  • start their own business, become a speaker, or write a book

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