Life Coaching Reviews and Life Coach Testimonials

Life Coaching Reviews and Testimonials from Clients

Below are real life coaching clients that I have helped achieve success in their lives. The life coaching reviews and life coaching testimonials below are unedited. Many of my satisfied life coaching clients leave feedback. Use the contact form to submit your life coaching review of your success story.

My personal success amazed me; I became motivated to share the possibilities with all who seemed ready to bloom in their lives. I began using the coaching process on everyone I knew who felt like they were stuck. I then witnessed their lives transforming in very positive ways. Life coaching provided me the skills that I needed to professionalize my natural abilities.

As I go about my life, I spread the word about life coaching without pushing, selling or evangelizing on my beliefs. Although I feel driven to help show the way, I also know very well that time must be right to plant the seed of positivity.

I now train the leaders of the community the system of coaching so that they could help their clients, students, and children move forward and achieve success.
-Master Coach Paula Michele Boyle

Success Stories

I've worked with Paula for close to a year. Since working with her, I’ve learned how to communicate clearly with clients about money, be realistic about the work I can take on, and most important, learned how to say "no" to clients who won't be a good fit for me. She is excellent for helping me maintain constant awareness of the development of my practice. I have better work-life boundaries after working with her, and enjoy my work much more. Hiring Paula as my coach is without a doubt the best decision I have made since starting my business. I have been working with Paula since 2010 and have come to rely on her weekly sessions as an invaluable part of my business. Her extensive experience with small business owners and the way they think and operate, and her ability to think outside the box all raise my level of thinking about issues every time we talk.

I went to Paula because of I was struggling to start a business. Paula helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and I started an action plan to help me realize my goals. Paula is very gifted at helping people. Her life coaching skills helped me to move forward with my business. I recommend her for anyone that needs a Philly life coach.
-A Yelp reviewer

I was skeptical about professional coaching until I tried it and it worked! When I started coaching with Paula Michele, my business started to take off and I hired more help and I am currently seeing progress which was just a dream before coaching. I could not have done this without Paula’s help. She pushed me to take actions outside my comfort zone. Some examples include asking for referrals and asking existing clients for more business. She coached me through my resistance to engage in business marketing activities. Working with Paula made me think at new level that I was not aware existed.
-Margret Marshall

My experience with Life Coach Philly was one to remember! Being under the leadership and teaching of Paula Michele was a privilege, she taught me how to be an effective Life Coach. From her dynamic teaching, to electrifying coaching tools she challenged to me to go beyond coaching clients but helping them change their life. Paula helped shape me to be a natural born leader who will excel in the coaching field because of her guidance. I would highly recommend other leaders to Paula who want to make a difference in the lives of those they coach! If you are ready to be challenged, empowered and motivated to change the lives of others then chose Life Coach Philly! I challenge you to be challenged to let Paula help you impact the lives of those in need.
-Sakinah Salley, CPC

Paula Michele Boyle has a gift, the kind the loves to hand out to people in need. She helps them create the life they imagine.
-James Tayoun

When I first started with Paula...I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. Paula's approach is awesome she lets you lead the conversation on what’s most important to you...whether its career related...relationship or parental and she helps you to organize your you were the file cabinet...purging old files and making new folders for new goals...refiling...moving files around in order of priority. Paula's passion for helping people is amazing. Each week we dealt with the point I was in for that moment. My experience was rewarding and fun...i feel organized and not overwhelmed...I would recommend Paula to anyone. I was so impressed with my experience that I wanted to become a coach. I realized my passion for helping I trained with I too have the tools to help people move to new levels. Thank you Paula.
-Monique Pettway

I recommend Paula Michele Boyle as a coach since she has been a tremendous help to my business and personal life. She has gently pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally. She has helped me keep calm and think positive through this rocky economy. My biggest issue was time, I felt that there were not enough hours in a day. Paula helped me prioritize as to what was most important to me in my life. Paula brings a lot of wisdom to our conversations.

Paula is sensitive and caring and knows how to listen long enough so that you can feel heard and know that your private story will be safe with her. She insures that you share only as much as you are ready to at any given time. Paula can be persistent so you do not want to hire her unless you are determined to make a change in your life. If you want results, choose her. If you just want to talk about it, then go out to lunch with some friends.
-Reverend Mike Wanner

Paula Michele Boyle (Life Preserver) is among the legion of self-help pros known as life coaches. In these time when day to day existence can be a minefield of emotional challenges. It’s her job to see you through. She is a trained professional who will help you realize your potential and partners with you as you achieve your personal and professional goals. And so far Paula has been having much success in transforming people lives.
-Tom Waring, Editor, NE Times

Paula offers exercises and practical assignments which challenges you to move forward. She offers feedback and helps you find ways to deal with your issues.
-Robert Carsello

Paula is a on stop shop of assistance who has help me gain clarity and has made a real impact in my life. She just brings out the you.
-Debbie, Burlington County

I always knew I had goals but was not sure how to go about achieving them, I started with a one month session of life coaching and saw results so I continued on and I am seeing that my whole life is transforming before my very eyes. For you are a great help in me finding myself. Paula’s approach to coaching is not just about the professional, but takes all of my goals in life into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my practice. The best testament to her coaching may be that as issues come up that I want input on, her voice is inside my head telling me the questions to ask, how to approach the issue, and asking me what I want from the outcome. Her coaching style is to constantly ask questions to help me work through the issue -- she listens exceptionally well, and encourages me to talk through the challenges we all face but are afraid to discuss.

Paula is a great cheerleader. She calls the shots the way she sees them but is tactful at the same time. She is honest and upfront with you and gives constructive criticism.
-Jeff Cohen

Paula has helped me realize what was standing in my way of moving forward in my business. I used to get side tracked and lose focus on the most important things to help my business grow. I can now rise above the obstacles which used to distract me, and now my business is excelling.
-Tom B.

Paula is very insightful and seems to zero in on what I really need to move forward with my life. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I feel grateful to have heard about her through word of mouth.

Throughout my life I've been involved with self-empowerment, always wanting to reach my higher spiritual self. I needed to stay focused but got lost. Paula has worked with me to help find ways so that I keep my attention on my most important values and take steps in the direction of making positive changes in my life. Now staying more centered at all times. Paula is my coach, teacher and mentor. God Bless,
-M. Carsello

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you have someone to help guide you down the path of your future. I had told Paula what I wanted to accomplish in the years ahead and she helped me prioritize and clarify what is most important for me an my life so I can now take action to work in the direction of my desired goals. Thanks,
-Robin D.

Paula stimulates my mind to learn more about coaching, I am a professional counsellor in NJ and PA working on my doctorate. Her coaching expertise can help me go beyond my counselling and help me help more people. I have known Paula for 20 years, she is very sincere, sensitive and intelligent, and has a gift from God.
-Kenneth Wallace BS, MS

I was a serious procrastinator, could not get anything started. I had a lot of things to do but put off many of them until I started working with Paula and started to reach the goals I had set out to do but did not know where to begin. I still have a way to go but I am getting there with her help. Thanks, Paula.

I seemed to be always looking for approval before I tried to accomplish anything. I was a real people pleaser and I was starting to become resentful because of this behavior. I had lost sight of what direction I wanted to go in and only did things that pleased others. Paula has helped me focus on what my true goals really are and not what I thought somebody else expected me to do. She has helped me put structure into my life and make a list of what I wanted to achieve. I now see what is really important to me and make better decisions that work. This has taken a lot of stress off of me and made my life more enjoyable. I look forward to working with Paula again.
-G. W.

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to know Paula. It's been a great pleasure to see and know someone who really cares enough about people and also reaches out with lots of compassion. She seems to have the power to tap into the positives in you. Also she finds ways of asking the right questions at just the right time so that you can find answers for you to move toward the direction of reaching your goals.

Paula is very willing to help people understand the most important things in their lives. She is a good listener and asks very important questions, also she'll help you realize your potential and values as you reach your goal.

Life Coaching Article Featuring Paula

Below is a life coaching article written by Tom Waring, A staff writer for the Northeast Times newspaper, this story will give you an idea of how life coaching works and it's successes. Once you learn how life coaching can benefit you, please contact me to request a free life coaching consultation.v

"Paula Michele Boyle is a life preserver"
by Tom Waring
Times Staff Writer

Steve, a Lawndale PA man, suffers from agoraphobia, an abnormal fear of being in open or public places.

A psychiatrist has helped him deal with the issue, and his mother saw a newspaper advertisement for a certified professional life coach.

Steve, who preferred that his full name not be used, began speaking on the telephone last September with Paula Michele Boyle, the Rhawnhurst-based life coach.

Almost immediately, Steve saw his life change for the better. He developed a special bond with Boyle, and the two have become good friends. Coach and client have gone shopping and out to dinner as a way of helping him overcome his fear.

"I needed somebody to take me by the hand," he said. "She's tremendous at what she does. I just became a new person. I'd recommend her to anybody who needs a helping hand."

A Dorcas Street resident, She helps people in many areas - finances/budgeting, relationships, job/career, health/fitness, emotions/self-esteem, spirituality, positive parenting, addictions and stress and anger management.

Paula Michele believes she can especially be helpful to people battling illnesses, even those in hospice care, because she is a 13-year survivor of lymphoma and her husband, Tom, has prostate cancer.

The 45-year-old describes herself as intuitive, a "natural visionary" and someone who cares about people. She's certified by Coaches Institute International and has studied life issues for a quarter-century.

Free life coaching consultations are available. The life coaching sessions can be held privately over the phone or in the comforts of her office, or in public places such as coffee shops. She sees an equal amount of success no matter where the sessions take place.

Most of her life coaching clients are women, ranging in age from their 20s to 80s. Some have not gotten satisfaction from therapists, and others are seeking help for the first time. Boyle assists them in taking "baby steps" toward resolutions.

In describing her work, Boyle said she asks deep questions in hopes of triggering one of those "aha moments" that help clients identify their problem.

She is straightforward with clients and, while there is no sugar-coating a situation, she looks for one's strengths and positives.

Ideally, she likes to see people come up with conclusions on their own for addressing their needs.

"Everyone has the answers within themselves," she said. "I can help them find themselves."

To Paula Michele, her life coach work is all about inspiring and empowering the individual and building their self-esteem. She has local and out-of-state clients and has built her business with newspaper ads and referrals and through word of mouth.

"I've seen a lot of miraculous results," she said. "I'm such a believer in this."

Debbie, of Burlington, N.J., also is a believer. She has been speaking on the phone with Boyle for about four months, discussing job, relationship and self-esteem issues.

The phone calls, at times, have been emotional and have been more effective than visits with a therapist. Debbie describes Paula as a "one-stop shop" of assistance who has helped her gain clarity in her life.

"She's made an impact in my life," she said. "She just brings out the 'you.'"

Lana, of Folcroft, Delaware County, has been speaking with Paula for about four months. She wanted help in dealing with poor eating habits. Boyle stressed the importance of health, and Lana has lost some weight and is looking forward to a long, healthy life.

Lana looks forward to the supportive telephone calls. She describes Paula as warm, dignified and professional, adding that her passion is contagious. “Paula is really a gem," she said.

Paula sees the broad field of life coaching as her calling and is happy to be the "go-to person" for people seeking help overcoming all kinds of challenges. The work is rewarding to her.

Published in Northeast Times

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