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Paula Michele Boyle
Paula Michele Boyle
For over 25 years Paula Michele Boyle (The Love Coach) has been on a mission helping friends and family in areas of their lives where they felt stuck. From health concerns to relationship issues as well as personal challenges, she has been the “go to” person for all kinds of people and has a true passion to empower those in need so they can help themselves.
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Dr Kalind Bakshi
Dr Kalind Bakshi
Dr Kalind Bakshi MD,FACS,BCC,CoL retired Vascular Surgeon, a Master Life and Professional Coach and a Trainer, Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor [IIQTC]Having practiced vascular surgery for 30 +years in USA, Dr Kalind Bakshi studied Holistic Medicine at Global College of Natural Medicine. His area of interest was Aging process & staying young.

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Paula Michele Boyle is a coach that is totally devoted to reaching the best results for her students and clients. She listens attentively for the clues to your genius that will help you and her to form an action plan that is realistic, achievable and aligned with your values.



We had great discussions on how to implement and create strategies to use to help others.  I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to help others.

Larry Goldstein

Paula is a compassionate, caring and a wonderful life coach. For anyone who wishes to get life’s complexities clarified and establish a clear achievable goal, Paula does it the best–in a totally non- judgmental way. She supports her clients through all obstacles to achieve what they want out of life. Even a complimentary session can compliment your life!
Kalind Bakshi MD

Taking this life coach training program has really made a huge difference in my managerial position. I feel more confident and in control of situations that come up. I recommend this training  to all managers who want to advance their communication skills and relationships.



I went into this without a clue on how I could deal with my personal issues and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I began aware on how to attack all problems. I realized i did have the answers, but my thoughts was not organized to produce them. Paula made it all so clear and my focus intensified. it is life changing if your willing to adapt and change yourself.

George Armstrong



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